LTL Group is your fully integrated global market solution that can help your business with supply chain management solutions that have been customized to meet your specific needs. We provide you with the advantages that you need in a competitive market. Our global market solutions offer the type of attention to detail and quality assurance that can help your organization take the lead in your industry.


LTL Group is well-known for our turn-key approach to electronic contract manufacturing services and supply chain management services. We focus on helping our clients to meet their goals and ensure:
+ Quality
+ Health and safety
+ Strict environmental standards in international markets
We have an experienced workforce, and we have set the standard for helping you to meet your manufacturing and supply chain management needs. We currently own and operate 4 labs in china that are managed with the strictest standards for certification. We offer the highest quality assurance standards including credibility and traceability. Our goal is to provide you with the comprehensive full package services that help to give your company an edge in this competitive global market. We understand that your business reputation is on the line, so we ensure you get the best services possible.


When you are considering supply chain management companies, LTL should be on your list. We offer the services that can take your organization to the next level. We are constantly evolving and adding services to meet the needs of our client base. Our supply chain management consulting team brings their years of experience, a deep understanding of international regulations, and a proven track record of success to the table!
You can take advantage of all that the LTL Group offers by contacting us and learning more about our company and how we can help you get the edge you need to pull ahead of the pack!


LTL Group is a Fully Integrated Global Market Solutions Provider partnering with an array of international manufacturers for optimal products & services. The LTL EDGE provides your team direct access to high end product development by strategically sourcing key quality materials and partnering with leading product manufacturers ensuring top performing end products. It is our mission to provide unsurpassed Global Market Solutions with quality assurance throughout each phase of development to market introduction. It is our duty to ensure that our customer’s vision and goals evolve to meet the quality, health, safety, performance and environmental standards for international markets

LTL Group is a comprehensive service provider utilizing our collective of highly skilled industry professionals.Our model, based on Compliance, Quality & Standardization along with Testing, Inspection, Audit, Certification and Consultation services allow us to offer an array of comprehensive tailored solutions to our customers. We own and operate 4 Labs in China (Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou & Wuhan) which work with our worldwide partners, who are leaders in Certification & Standardization Bodies equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities. LTL Group has full access to Chinesebased and International marketplaces ensuring Competent, Capable and Accredited sourcing.

Our Group pride ourselves in Quality Assurance standards for all sourcing and supply chain management projects. Our Quality Assured approach accounts for all Traceability and Credibility of all products manufactured and sourced across a multitude of industry platforms. With well over a decade of experience in project management our highly skilled team of technicians individually work with trusted manufacturing sourcing the highest level of product solutions.

LTL Group is immensely involved with International & Chinese Standard organizations;to ensure quality solutions with the latest applicable regulatory standards in each of our customer’s respective fields. We place the highest importance in being a Solutions provider rather than only a service provider.By offering tailor made solutions according to needs and having a full understanding of supply chain demand allow us to focus on business development, technical development and market intelligence growth of our clientele. Our team is fully versed in International Approval, Global Market Entrance Solutions, Product Improvement and Engineering Excellence encompassing ourfull Sourcing Solutions.

LTL Groups comprehensive utility of our testing division (Leading Testing Laboratories) permits our high level market ranking as a provider of technical services, innovative solutions approach to facilitate our customers’ success in the global marketplace. Since our founding, we have been developing comprehensive testing and quality assurance solutions to combat the evolution in hurdles arising from international trade practices.

The continued utilization of our international network ensures our offering of fully integrated supply chain services efficientlyproviding streamlined coordination of Service Packages.

As a professional services provider, our commitment to supporting and adding value for our customers drives everything we do. We are continually working towards a future that can fulfil all of our customers’ needs utilizing the international marketplace. Our focus on customer service, successful project management and marketing enhancements ensures our future growth and cutting edge working environment for our customers and staff alike.


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